About us

Rural Shoppers Team

We are three enterprising women: Celeste, Karmele and Marta. We are big fans of the country world and are all for sustainability. We are also very aware of the value of enjoying every moment to the full. Rural Shoppers is a personal
and professional challenge, which reflects the way we think and live.


To provide travellers with everything they need for an unbeatable stay in country accommodation, through our online shopping and home delivery service, using local stores

We want to make your stay smooth and easy. We want you to enjoy spending time in your country house with family or friends. You will have the added satisfaction of contributing to the local economy. 


We aspire to be the online store you can always trust to fully enjoy your country experience

              Wherever you are, we want to give you the satisfaction of being able to contribute to a better world with your purchase.


To contribute to the development of country areas

To promote sustainable country tourism, by popularising local produce and culture, at the same time increasing the business of local food stores, creating direct and indirect jobs, and generating taxes which will benefit the area, improving
the quality of life.