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BBQ box Caminito Del Rey


Barbecue box Caminito Del Rey

100% Iberian pork, 8-10 people

0,5 kg Criole (spicy) chorizo sausages 0,5 kg Black pudding with rice and onion 0,5 kg fresh bacon 0,5 kg pork shoulder 1 kg marinated loin of pork skewers

BBQ box El Torcal


 Barbecue box El Torcal

Chicken-pork 6-8 people

0,5 kg Criole (spicy) chorizo sausages 0,5 kg chicken skewers 6 spicy chicken burgers 0,5 kg pork spare ribs 0,5 kg spicy marinated chicken pieces 0,5 kg pork chops

BBQ box Gran Senda


Barbecue box Gran Senda

Chicken-pork  10-12 people

1 kg Chicken skewers 5 pc Pork burgers 1 kg Spicy marinated chicken pieces 1 kg Marinated pork slices 1 kg Pork chops 1 kg Spare ribs

BBQ box La Maroma


Barbecue box La Maroma

Chicken-pork 10-12 people

5 Criole (spicy) chorizo sausages 1 kg pork skewers 1 kg marinated chicken wings 10 spicy chicken burgers 1 kg pork chops 1 kg pork spare ribs